The Roadside Crowd gatherers in the Garbs of Doctors:


Because of these roadside crowd gatherers and so called greedy doctor in the garbs of robbers innumerous families are destroyed even before their habilitation.  After destroying the lives of so many people they call themselves Khandani, Ayurvedacharyas, doctors. They have only one idea in their minds that money is required and for that may be they have to do anything in any manner.  The crowd gatherers in the garb of doctors know it very well that the ads which they are releasing, people would feel scared after reading them.  Even then they publish such ads daily without any hitch that you would be exposed before the woman or a woman can judge it in the first union itself. The woman would hurl shame on your mouth and would start hating you from the very moment.  Whosoever would read such things he would surely become a patient.  Only after examining blood, semen, urine, it could be ascertained whether he is suffering from any disease or not. They diagnose it without any such tests and then say that it is their experience.  They have only one task in hand, scare him more and more only then he would part with the money.  Any person can tell the taste only when he takes some eatables. How can he tell its taste without eating it?  So is the diagnosis of every disease necessary.  The method of doing a thing has to be adopted.  They are to misguide only and they are doing it, they have no concern with the medical science at all.  If they clearly tell it that is nothing but an ignorance then who would seek a treatment from them.  The force which is used to make a healthy person a patient if one fourth of it is used for curing it then all the sex diseases can be eliminated.  They charge very less for the first week because they fear that the patient may not run away or may not go to somebody else.  Then second week they charge double and rates continue to increase by every week when they squeeze them totally.  When the money with the patient is finished then he may live or die they have to do nothing with that, whatever they had to snatch from him they had already taken.  To play with the lives of people, their hopes and emotions, filling them with negative thinking, is it less than any crime itself?  These self-styled doctors, vaids, hakeems are in themselves the roadside crowd gatherers and nothing else.  They have only one faith, only one task to rob others to the utmost, someday in this city and sometime in the other city, they continue to run for whole of the life, and fear that if somebody may see him they would be exposed, and there may be a chance of beating also.  These robbers provide only fear, delusion, black mailing only which makes the disease incurable rather.  Their bad deeds shake the self confidence of the patient even and the patient continue to go from one doctor to other, and other to other and when he get robbed from these doctors completely then he starts considering everything a lie which may even be true in itself.  If these roadside sex disease specialists, hakeems, vaids, Khandani, 50 years, 90 years old, medical shop, pharmacy and treat the patients then the healthy people would become real patients, and whosoever would really be a patient he will not be cured rather he will be looted.  They use every method to put this thing in the minds of the people that the treatment shall be that much better which shall cost high.  But now everything is reversed and they don’t leave taking the advantage of ads and campaigns.


The irony of sex diseased:


Initially a person with a sex disease thinks that the disease would be cured itself with the passage of time, but it does not so happen.  Then he brings the capsules, tablets or oil from the market and uses them stealthly.  The result is zero and increased suffering and then he watches the ads in the newspapers.  He reads the ads of the doctor whose ads are alluring, a pack of lies, challenge, guarantee and what not, and goes to such a doctor for treatment without the knowledge of his family.  The sex patient going to such doctor gathers so much courage, and keeps this thing in mind that this doctor would cure his sex disease and offers the asked for payment and his faith in the doctor.  The patient feels so scared that even after going to doctor’s clinic he looks around very cautiously so that any body knowing him may not watch him there, that he has come there to get a treatment of sex disease.  Once he would pass by the clinic, and then come back, and after that gathering some courage he would enter the clinic door with a bowed head and try to ask about taking a medicine of some disease.  His mind does not work properly and is unable to spell out clearly.  How helpless he is and the doctor, this roadside crowd gatherer takes its full advantage because he comes to know that he is so fearful that he won’t disclose it to anybody.  The more he would be scared the more money he would pay out.


Everybody is same from hutments to nursing homes:


Till you are awakened the lives would continue to be sacrificed on the alter of their greeds.  They have only one motto, money and more money.  You should not be afraid of them because they themselved are very scared that lest nobody should know that they have robbed how much money from the patient by making him fearsome in the name of a serious disease or how much he has been misguided.  These robbers have already set such things in the minds of the people that these are very dangerous diseases and their treatment is very costly.  These diseases should not be disclosed to any body and if somebody comes to know of it then you would be ruined.  Sell the jewellery of your wife and get treated, if your wife may leave you and go away then what would you do with the jewellery.  Take money on loan, mortgage something and the person is so scared that he is caught in the net spread by them.  Some of them pretend to be just social ankers and show the photos clicked with the high official and impress upon them that they know such and such officers or such men have come to us for treatment could have produced the off springs.  As the persons selling the medicines for physical strength in the hutments or the roadside crowd gatherers influencing people do, and show their photos with some wrestler or some police inspector, who has since died, prepared with the camera tricks and showing them as shaking hands with him, such photos are seen in large quantities in their medicine shops, dawakhanas, pharmacies.  The rural people get influenced with such photos and are caught in their nets and when some heavy chick comes to their net then they cut and roast it, and rob him of 5-20 thousands of rupees and run away to some other city in the night itself.  I feel pity for such people who are themselves matriculates twelfth pass or even graduates, but they approach such sex specialists who had never seen the door of any school even.  Who takes breaths in installments, rotting smell of tabbacco coming from their mouths, with a reed like think physique, not bathed for the last ten days, and who was not capable of taking care of his health ever, he will give them medicine to improve their health, it is not less than a joke for me.  Now even educated doctors are doing the same thing under the impact of their greeds.  The same thing is being done in the large nursing homes, they show that so and so minister is presenting them a momento for the best social service.  Such prizes are sold, only the person is needed who has the power of money to purchase them.  It is the bad luck of our country that everything is on sale here, when the soul of a person can be bought then what value this prize does have, you can yourself understand it.  These people giving treatments to the people are themselves drug addicted and remain under the influence of drugs.  After committing so many sins how a sinner can live in peace.  When they come into senses their sins start severely paining them.  The wine is the same but the labels of the bottles are new, what the roadside crowd gatherers used to do in the past, these qualified degree holders are doing the same thing now and take vows that while getting their degrees that they would serve the masses, but now they are also doing the same things.  Evil and money attracts more, but when God his bestowed is with the power to think, then doesn’t it make obligatory for us to cure the patients rather than making them sufferers of diseases.  Those who are engulfed by ignorance, they should be advised and their misconceptions should be removed, and by enlighting their dark lives they should be shown the true and right path to live happily.  There is no greater deed than to save anybody’s life or to give him new life.


The price of the treatment for power is derived first and medicine for all is the same treatment or cheating:


It surprises us what we come to learn about the sex diseases and the wisdom of the people that are we talking about the things of 50 years past or are we living in today’s scientific age.  The doctors have so cheated or deceived people that they do neither have any faith in doctors nor in themselves.  It was natural also because excess of everything is bad.  Sex patients thinks a lot before going to any doctor that may the treatment be not very costly, the medicines may not have side effects, the disease may not be repeated, but he doesn’t have any faith either in himself or the doctor.  While approaching doctor he asks the first question, what would you charge, in how many days, I would be cured.  He explains nothing about the disease.  He asks about money only and the doctor also tells him the cost.  Then is such a doctor really a doctor or a robber?  Without disclosing about the disease he first wants to know everything so that the treatment may not be costly and he may be cured as soon as possible.  Is there any such possibility that a doctor may tell the cost of a treat of any disease first and also that in how many days it would be cured.  And it is the very beginning of the cheating with the patient.

In any other disease a patient does not ask about the proposed expenditure on the treatment when he reaches a doctor and nor a doctor tells this thing that such a treatment would cost so much money then why is this in sex diseases only.  Why this happened?  Because cheating, exploitation, betrayal takes place mostly in the sex diseases only.  Very normal diseases are exaggerated and told, and then arbitrary demand of money and arbitrary treatment.  If the tyre of a cycle deflates then it is not opened till the reason of the deflation is not known.  He would charge you only after opening the tyre and repairing it, he would charge for the eradication of the cause of deflation only, one puncture, two punctures, a valve leakage, but in these sex diseases the money before the very treatment is very strange.  In every simple or serious ailment the doctor makes a checkup first or examines the patient.  If need be he carries out urine or blood test and gives the medicine to treat the ailment.  Then he charges for the given medicine or charges a fee only and does not even tells this thing that you will be cured in so and so much time.  And everything is upside down in sex diseases, and it is because of your ignorance only.  It is because you consider a sex disease so big and serious disease and feel that if this disease is not cured, you will not be able to show your face to the people.  Whereas complete cure is only possible when the method of treatment is similar to those normal diseases in sexual diseases also.  First the investigation of disease, then you should be knowing why and when this disease has taken place and what are the preventions.  How many days would take in the treatment of the disease.  And only then the expenditure or fees.  But an idea of treating you for the cure of the disease can never emerge in his mind because the function of doctor is to cure a person but there is to rob you.  In some ads it is also written that for the cure of power the treatment costs Rs. 8000 and Rs. 15000.  They don’t bother to know about the disease of the patient.  How the same treatment can be used for every patient?  In your family or neighbourhood there may be two patients of same disease, and both may go to the same doctor for treatment but the doctor does not give the same medicine to both of them.  Because no one medicine can treat everybody for the same ailment.  Everybody has a different category of brain and body.  According to Ayurveda the medicine is given to a patient according to his tendency towards Vat, pild and Kaff.  Now you can understand, is it a treatment or a robbing.  It is not some sort of a sweet box that it can be sold to everybody on a same rate or it is not some sort of a shoe on clearance sale that every body shall have the same measure.  While buying shoes a person at least looks at the aspect of its measurement that the shoes are not same in measurement for every buyer.  And that at least should be according to the size of feet and comfortable also.  The medicine in every disease is according to the disease then why it is not so in this case.  You should think it surely that how far such people would continue to befool you in the name of giving a medicine for your disease.  And as far as the duration of the treatment is concerned, always keep it in mind that the cure of sex diseases should always be permanent, so that a person may not ruin his life by complicating his disease any further and sex is a requirement of every person for whole of his life.


Ability to be such a doctor:


For becoming a doctor their ability is the long moustaches, coat-pent, tie and a gold chain around the neck, eight or ten rings on their fingers and a photo in a newspaper and now they are the real doctors.  They sit in such a show-off position that people may think them to be a real and famous doctor and the foolish people always think that a person with a lot of money is always a big doctor.  Whosoever doesn’t intend to take medicine they depute some wrestler to threaten them by physically grappling with them to snatch a mobile of somebody and the watch of the other one or a purse of someone else.  And the person who is being robbed does not oppose their actions because of being afraid of his own sex disease.  And these people do such uncalled for action  that they are defaming the medical profession.


Mental disease and its causes:


The things which are not liked by our mind and repeatedly erupt in it, they create tension in our mind, which results in mental disease.  Sorrow and happiness are a part of life and several rises and falls always appear in our live, but when we continue to think about them for a long period of time these ultimately result in mental diseases.  Religion and society play a vital role in controlling and improving or degrading the human behaviour.


Sex and mental diseases:


If we say to a lunatic that he is alright then by saying so he would not be cured.  The disease may be minor or major, medicine must be given to him according to the degree of his ailment.  Similarly the things which continue to float in our mind and pain us be erupting in our mind repeatedly, they need to be treated to erase them from the memory.  The medicine should be continued to be given till the treatment does not allow its discontinuation with the cure of the disease everybody can lead a normal and confident life.




To be lost in one’s thoughts at every moment.  Neither to take meals on time, nor to sleep on time, laziness and insomnia.  The worry for future, losing affection with children, irritation with life partner, feeling anger on the laughter of others, doubt on oneself, loss of self confidence. To consider oneself to be unable to do anything, fear, confusion, feeling irritated. Forgetfulness, tendency towards suicide, disliking for everything, change in behaviour. Tendency to relinquish every activity, intent to change places, emotional confusion.  To be sorrowful, delusions, depression, to indulge in thinking on abrupt awaken ness, continue to awake, hesitation.


Replies to letters:


We continue to receive letters regarding sex problems and we also try to reply such letters on sex problems without any delay.  Some time we receive them in large quantities and there may be some delay in replying them all.  If you have some sex problem then write in full confidence.  The letter shall be replied in a possible early period.  While writing letter describe your disease in length and also attach all the test reports already received with the said letter.  For how much period you are suffering from the disease, and from where you have initiated its treatment, and age, education, marital status etc. also should be mentioned in detail.  Write a personal letter describing your complete problem.


Treatment through Phone also:


Don’t hesitate to ring us or don’t disconnect telephone while ringing us.  You can talk freely on telephone and describe your problem in detail.  While talking on telephone you don’t keep any fear that anybody may see you, you are not to meet personally anybody also.  It is the best way to narrate your problem, which can easily solve your problem.  You can regain your lost self confidence and your life may change. Before making a call you should write down your problem on a piece of paper so that you may not remain devoid of any solution of any aspect of your problem.  While ringing up first mention your name, city, education and business and only then talk of your problem.  It may be possible that you may not be suffering from any disease at all and it may be a sheer ignorance only.  Phone No. 94163-10241 (Haryana), 92168-68707 (Punjab).


Ignorance or a sex disease:


As a person grows from childhood to youth, many types of changes take place in the body and young people become afraid of them.  Young people do not take any body in confidence to talk about it or he is afraid to talk about anybody at all and brooding ever a just normal thing they turn to be mentally ill.

  1. There is a difference in the size of both the testacles, one is a bit small than the other, it is a natural phenomena but these cheats call it a disease also. It should always be kept in mind, if there ia any pain swelling or lump in the flesh, then consult a doctor.
  2. Sometimes during the period of growing young the chest nipples of boys start to show some enlargement or pain. In such a matter boys feel that if somebody got to know about it, they shall become a target of taunting and they would get insulated.  Such a happening is not a disease of any type and it becomes normal after a few days.
  3. The size of penis increases and many young boys start feeling perplexed with it.
  4. Normally the size of a human penis is about 3 to 6 inches on erection.
  5. When semen starts getting produced then it does not stop to be produced for whole of the life. There may be some deficient production of it due to the paucity of nutritions food.
  6. Whatever we eat daily it produces blood, fat, flesh, bones, semen in our body.
  7. The people who say that a drop of semen equal 100 drops of blood, that is complete here say. The proof of it lies there that after a single sexual intercourse around 3 ml semen is discharged and there are around 16 drops in a ml. It means, according to the here say if 48 drops of semen are discharged after a single sexual intercourse then it means that around 4800 drops of blood should be wasted in one intercourse which comes to around 300 ml.  A newly married person normal indulge in 30 sexual intercourses in a month, that means he losses 9000 ml or a liter of blood in one month.  And a healthy person has only 4 liters of blood in his body.  They a person should be no more after one month of his marriage but it does not happen so.  If semen is made from the blood only then why doesn’t it gets produced in females.  It is because semen if the fluid made from the genital organs of a male and nothing else.
  8. The presence of blue nerves on penis is not a disease. There are nerves on the body of a human being and the blood circulates to the entire body through these nerves.  Because of the presence of fat on the body these nerves are nor normally visible, but the skin of penis is very thin and there is no fat also on it, that is why these nerves in blue colour are visible on it. But it is not a disease of any type.
  9. A three to five mm semen is discharged at a time, not more than that.

These cheats advise the patient that he has to take medicine for 40 days and not to indulge in sexual intercourse.  This is said so because if he indulges in sexual intercourse earlier then the reality of the medicine would come out.  Always keep it in mind that whatever the medicine it shows its effect very clearly within fourteen days.  The continuation of the medicine for more than this period is relied upon just to rob the patient.




When children enter into the age of 12 to 15 years, then certain changes take place in the brain and the body of the young girl and boy.  This is the initiation of the youth, like the voice of a boy changes from that of a child to that of a man, the suffynes protrudes out, the development of hair over the sex organs, coming of beard and monstaches, the development of semen in the body etc, which all takes place due to the production of harmones.  The progesterone harmones start producing in the girls and the symptoms of motherhood start emerging on the face with pimples etc.  During this period the height is increased and the organs of body further develop and get enlarged.  It is the moment when attraction to the opposite sex starts.  During this period the girls are mostly kept at homes. The boys loiter freely in the company of the boys, watch movies and see photographs and posters.  They read such books and magazines where a crude form of sex at lower lever is displayed.  Whatever children see and listen, they do the same.  The don’t tell it to anybody what they usually do, there is a complete lack of sex education, they take pleasure out of it and they continue to do it.  Excess of every thing is bad.  Every body indulges in masturbation at any one or the other time and 99 out of 100 boys do it.  If one doesn’t do it being an exception then one’s brain may not have developed fully.  The routine ads  in which it is written that because of past mistakes, the childhood misguidance, and falling in a bad company, those who have already ruined their lives, on they have ruined their own life with their own hands, and have not remained capable of marriage, the weakness of nerves, the slackness of nerves etc. young boys are influenced with it immediately when they read it and start thinking that it is all what they have also done.

The five things which are produced in a human body like sliva, urine, sweat, stool and semen, their ultimate disposal is to throw them out of the body, there is no other use of these things.  But if any one of them is thrown out in large quantity then the coming of weakness is a must.  The excess discharge of semen causes laziness, loss of memory, losing all interest in study etc.  Similarly when semen is discharges one feels weakness also.  An impority feeling comes to the mind that a wrong deed has been done and one has to bear its consequences.  Whenever such things come to mind one feels afraid of it.  Leading such a life of fear one become completely devoid of any pleasurable feeling.


The Causes of night fall:


It is a very normal happening in the young boys of 14 to 21 years to have a nightfall for two to four times in a month.  The young boys feel confused of it and they further feel concerned about it which further increases this disease.  To remain indulged in romantic phantarises all the time, movies, porn literature, talks of sex in the company of friends.  Whatever we see the most or whatever we think attentively that comes in our dreams also.  This is the reason why the night fall takes place.

  1. The mixing of urine with semen: Urine and semen should be got tested.
  2. The non-slipping behind of the phimosis.
  3. Suppressing the sexual desire, remaining indulged in romantic phantasies.
  4. This disease should be treated without any delay so that you may lead rest of your life without any tension.


Early discharge:


Pavement literature, blue films, delude the youth.  Some scene is repeatedly shown in the films.  Such an experience makes even a healthy person of such a view point that he is also a suffering from the disease of early discharge.  Young boys while reading such a book or watching a move start thinking in such a way that sexual intercourse may take a time of at least half an hour.  Whereas according to medical science it takes a time of just 3 to 5 minutes with that husband and wife both are satisfied.  There are exceptions that time spent on such an activity may vary from less to more.

Friends also usually talk about sex, and listening to their views about the timing of this sexual activity a person starts thinking that may be he is suffering from the disease of early discharge.  Like someone says that he indulges twice a day in sexual intercourse or I take twenty five minutes to complete this activity.  No body wants to show that he is deficient in sex in any way because he thinks it to be a proof of male potence.  Listening to these baseless talks of others the young boys turn their almost perfect happy life into a virtual hell.

While indulging in sexual intercourse when a person is discharged early or his semen comes out very early, then it is called an early discharge.  The person suffering from this disease can neither satisfy his wife nor he can get satisfied by himself.  This results in a negative impact on his family life.  The patient becomes too much mentally disturbed and he continues to delve deep in such thoughts and gets confused all the more.  He gets irritated on very trivial matters, he cannot stick to his routine work, negative thinking, quarrel with wife and children, pensive mood, loss of memory, waking up at night and start thinking, remain confused, not talking to anybody, naming wife to be cool in sex, shirking from the sexual activity, considering himself as nothing.  When the inferiority feeling gets more and more degenerated in man then the disease of a person continues to multiply more vigorously.  A person always keep thinking every night that it would subside by its own but the disease continues to become more and more aggrevated and some times it reaches to the verge of breaking up of the marital relations.  The same disease is the cause of the irritation of women because they also remain mentally depressed due to this.  A person should not be fearful in such diseases but he should immediately approach some expert doctor for its treatment. The cure of early discharge may be a bit longer one but it should be given a main priority.  If some tests are also needed to be got done then this should also be done and a permanent treatment of the disease should be preferred.  In so many patients the beginning of impotency starts with the same disease of early discharge.

Around 50% to 60% young people are suffering with the disease of early discharge around the world and they are lying engulfed in the total ignorance and are not aware to the painful condition of their wives.  Such people start to consider it in their minds that their wives are also getting the same extreme pleasure and happiness out of the sexual intercourse.  Whereas they actually continue to pine for it with a heavy dose of sexual dissatisfaction.


Main causes of early discharge:


  1. After the very erection the automatic discharge of semen.
  2. Discharge with the very touch of penis with the vaginal lobes or a rubbing with it.
  3. The discharge after a very few moments of sexual intercourse.
  4. Infection disease.
  5. A disease caused due to extra marital relationship.
  6. Due to a disease of leucorrhea to wife.
  7. A prolonged mental disease.
  8. Excess use of Liquor, meat, egg, tea, coffee or other spicy foods in large quantities.


Dhatu disease:


While urinating or sitting in toilet a viscuous, dense granular sticky liquid coming with urine is called Dhatu disease.  In Ayurveda it is called supermatorrhoea. This disease is caused due to the imbalance in vat, pitt, and cough.  If the patient says tht he has this disease then he should be checked thoroughly. He may be calling in Dhat due to his ignorance or fear, and he may call Dhat to the Gonorrhoea, lubricating fluid also.  Whereas all these are different things.

With thorough check up and signs and symptoms only the disease can be fully diagnosed.  Ask the patient about complete details and only after that a medicine should be prescribed.

The following are the causes of Dhatu disease:

  1. To remain lost in bad ideas of sex.
  2. Homo-sexuality, prostitution mongering cause many types of infections diseases.
  3. Constipation, eating everything with any selection, gastric abdominal disease, hyper acidity.
  4. The excessive dilution of semen.
  5. Semenal infection etc. is needed to be culturally examined.
  6. Diabetes
  7. VDRL test is a must.


The causes of Impotency:


Having less desire for sexual inter course or having totally no interest in doing so or being mentally unprepared to indulge in it. Getting no pleasure from sexual intercourse or if it is so even than it may be very less.  A feeling of pain during sexual intercourse. No getting extreme pleasure after discharge even then not to get desired satisfaction.  Failing to establish sex relations and if it is done anyhow these not be remaining continued:

  1. Illiteracy
  2. Ignorance of sex relations.
  3. Fear
  4. Religious orthodoxy.
  5. Inferiority feelings
  6. Tendency towards rape.
  7. Ignorance
  8. Physical weakness
  9. hormonal disorder or production in less quantity
  10. Stepping into old age after youth.
  11. Worry
  12. Indulging in excessive or less sexual intercourse.
  13. Ineffective self-control
  14. Indulging in prostitution habitually
  15. Long time celibacy
  16. Use of drugs and intoxicants, liquor does not only render a person impotent but makes it a plot on the face of society. He does not only insult his wife but also showers cruelty upon her with this cruelty the desire of sexual intercourse in wife does down.
  17. Disorders of prostrate gland.
  18. A disease of genital organs
  19. Displacement of urinary tract or it being at some abnormal place.
  20. Any disorder of central nervous system.


The cause of impotence are mostly mental than physical.  Due to mental misconceptions 90% of people become sex patients.  This thing is true to the younger generation than the mature people with the advancement of age the potency of humans starts decreasing with the tiredness of body disease of sex also goes on dying down.


Causes of failure on honey-moon night:


  1. The young people feeling that it is a time of test and if sexual intercourse could not be performed then.
  2. ignorance about sex and incomplete knowledge of female body.
  3. The first time adventure and sense of fear behind this adventure.
  4. It is the man who is a performer and all of it is to be done by him. So the result of pass-fail also goes to the male.  No body is ready to get failed in this task that is why he gets failed.
  5. Some young men are so much worried about marriage and honey moon night that they feel with the approaching date as if the date of their execution is drawing near. Where there is so much ignorance and he may be treating marriage in such a concept then it is sure that a man becomes an imminent patient though he may not be having any disease actually.




This very dangerous disease is incurable.  The latest data shows that around four lakh people die with this disease around the world annually and number of persons dying with this disease is increasing very much.  This disease has started from the west and had has been resulting in a deadly disease.  This disease damages the immune system in the human body and slowly leads him to death.  The main cause of this diseases is having illegitimate sex relations.  There is only one way to remain safe from this disease that one should not go in for any extra marital sex relations.  Even the symptoms of this disease emerge out in a time span of 3 months to 5 years. A person dies with this disease a very slow death.  Such a patient of this disease becomes a blot on the name of his family.


The main causes of this disease are:

  1. Infection due to illegitimate sex relations.
  2. Use of same syringe for many persons or use of some syringe by the drug addicts to inject drug into their bodies.
  3. Transfusion of the blood of Aids patient to health person.




This disease is transmitted with illegal sex relations.  After 15 days of such intercourse a wound or blister occurs on the front of penis and pus starts to come out of it and swelling also occurs.




This disease is also transmitted due to illegal sex relations. This disease occurs within seven days of the sexual intercourse.  In this disease pus starts coming out from the sex organ and wounds also occur there. A burning sensation starts while urinating. A fever, shivering and pain also starts.




This disease should be fully treated and medicine should be continued to be taken for such a period as advised by the doctor.  With a treatment of 5 or 7 days patient starts feeling as if his disease is cured.  If the treatment of such a disease remains incomplete and the germs of the disease may continue to remain in body then this disease re-emerges again and again. If this disease reemerges again then it becomes a sort of incurable disease.  Such diseases are transmitted from one to another.  When this disease occurs in husband and wife both then both should  get the treatment immediately and they should not indulge in sexual intercourse.  If treatment of such diseases remains incomplete then it can infect the children also.  Some times such diseases become deadly also.




Teaching bicycle running to children, scooter driving, giving chocolate, showing a movie, offering a gift, on the alibi of showing love to children such people perform a homosexual act with such children.  If an unnatural sex is performed with a boy by rebuking or beating him such a young boy in thrown in a mental agony for whole of the life and continues to live in depression.  Boys are sometimes become helpless due to social fear or some greed to develop such unnatural relations and after a lapse of certain time, they become habitual of it and their relations are developed with some more people.  When such children grow up then they are blackmailed to fulfill their others demands like stealing money, jewellery from the home and deliver to them and such boys are forced to fulfill their demands, and sometimes such grown up boys are compelled and forced to make their relations with their own wives.  Because of the fear for bad name he becomes helpless to allow such relations with his own wife even. The deadly disease like Aids is transmitted through such relations.

If young people develop such relations out of their hobby or there may be some other reasons for that also.  With a proper treatment of such diseases accordingly one can elude such diseases.

  1. Mental disorder: Boys wearing clothes like girls. Mothers calling boys by girl’s names. Watching doing such a things during the childhood, which affects the child mind deeply and he starts aspiring to do the same thing.
  2. Harmonal deficiency: Having a lesser quantity of testosterone harmones in the body. Most sexologists agree that such relations are the result of mental disorders only.


Learn these things:


Beware of the bad company.  If somebody has made a sexual relation with you once then don’t come into contact with such people alone.  If it has happened unknowingly then tell your parents positively.  Family people are your own and they would render you every possible help to solve this problem.  Shake away the fear of it getting known to others or the fear of black mailing from your mind.  Such black mailer make you afraid only and they pass on just fake threats to you.  Who has been used for such a thing forcibly he can not be punished in any way if his such an act is made public even. But who has committed this thing forcibly he would not tell it to any body because he knows that if he discloses it, he may be punished under appropriate law.  If somebody says that he would disclose it to every body then challenge him with boldness that you may or may not tell it to anybody but I shall definitely disclose it to my parents or the police and you will be put behind the bars. The reply to a threat should be in threat only and have a 100% faith in it that he would never dare to talk to you again.




If you are satisfied after reading this book and you feel that after knowing the reality of your disease has not remained that serious as was being perceived by you, and you are feeling better than before then contact us.  Our objective is relieve you free from the disease by giving you treatment according to the proper disease.


Proper method of semen test:


Avoid through every means that your semen may not come out four days continuously, get it tested in the laboratory and never carry it there from your home.  So many people come to us who actually do not have any disease.  Even doctors do not tell them about the proper method of semen test.  After a gap of 20 minutes of the semen coming out, the sperms always show nil, and it is what they call it the sure cure of the nil sperms.

Concocted report: A phone call is made to the laboratory people that a chick is coming, and if there is no disease even then tell him that sperms are nil.  Report states that these are nil, everything is salable, only a buyer is needed.  Treatment starts, first month they increase by 10%, next month by 20% and in the same way they increase by 10% monthly.  When the money is totally squeezed then after 6 or 7 months, it is said that all is well.  When again got it tested from your own city or other laboratory then again nil, now continue to weep.  Don’t get a test of nil sperms done from where these doctors say. Every time get it done from different laboratories so that you may be saved from cheating.  When the report from two different laboratories is almost same that sperms are nil then there is no cure of it at all.  Beware of the cheats, they rob a person of money and time with false promises, and leave the person bewildered.  If money is utilized properly to get a scientific treatment then may be one can become a father. The doctors for their vested interests play with the lives of uncounted people. So much so that their greed is so unshackled that they even erase many family lineages from the face of this world.  Those flowers which could have bloomed, could never bloom.


Testicular Bioposy:


In the presence of nil sperms get this latest and modern test done.  This test can tell you whether the cure of nil sperms can be carried out or not.


It is the brain weakness not of nerves, as sex takes place with brain only:


Nerve examination: Ask from the person telling dead nerves, slack nerves, water filled nerves that what type of instrument does he have which tells him that this is the disease.  A thermometer is used to know of a very mild temperature even and blood pressure can be checked with the help of blood pressure instrument only.  The examination of nerves can be done through colour Doppler ultrasound only not with just conjectures.  One can be befooled by examining with the help of a lens or torch. When the very checkup is fictitious then treatment is sure to be fictitious.


Filling of water in nerves or an ignorance:


If water is filled at some place on the finger or a blister occurs then it pains very much and if the nerves of penis are filled with water then nothing such happens. It is never possible that in one disease a person may feel pain and in another it may not feel.  And if something strikes at your body then a pain is sure to erupt there. Is such a thing possible that if something hits a finger then there may be a pain in it and if the penis is hit then there may not be any pain.  The people telling the filling of water in nerves actually be fool the innocent people by saying so. Now are you assured or do you need any other proof that the so called filling of water in nerves is actually not a disease of any type.


Middle age sex problems:


Sex problems begin in the age of 40 to 45 years.  Following are the causes of these problems:

  1. Considering oneself weak or thinking leave it now nothing doing with sex now in this age. The children are grown up or grand-children have born.

.2.      With the increase in age the body start becoming weak. This disease produces a sex weakness also.

  1. Less numbers of harmones.
  2. Disease of diabetes: The disease of diabetes renders the body weak. This disease also renders a person sexually weak.
  3. High blood pressure: When the medicines for the control of high blood pressure are given in this disease, these make a person sexually weak if these medicines are used for long time.
  4. Any type of disease related to heart.
  5. Excess of fat in blood: Get your Blood cholesterol checked.
  6. Inclination towards religious tasks.
  7. Lack of cooperation of wife.
  8. Mental disturbances, irritation, dejection.
  9. Making hurry in sexual intercourse.


A healthy life becomes useless with frightening by doctor:


A father brought his son to us to ask us whether his son was well or not. We have approached every big doctor of Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Patiala etc. whose spacious ads come in newspapers, for his treatment but his condition is still the same.  Now we have come to you just thinking that once we shall take your advice also, otherwise then we shall think that it is a result of our actions which our son has to suffer at any cost.  We have already spent a sum of rupees 35 thousand on his treatment, and now we are unable to spend any more.  I asked him to narrate everything in detail. The father of the boy told me that we had married him but his wife went away the very next day and took all his bag and baggage with her and we had to bear insult in the entire village.  The panchayat also said that if your son was not potent enough then why had you married him and destroyed the life of a girl, and we had to feel ashamed before the Panchayat also.  But what should I do, after all I am his father and I am thinking that he may lead a family life. I am not going to live with him for the whole life, when I would be called away, then who would feed him.  Now if you say I am ready to marry him again, but first you tell me clearly what is his condition?  Told the father of the boy to sit outside and I would tell you about him after checking him up. I checked up the boy and talked to him, the boy disclosed that I am a very simple man in my personal life and have studied upto twelfth class.  When I started to perform sexual intercourse with my wife on the first day, she slapped me forcibly and my erection whatever was slachened.  There is nothing except this thing. When I went to doctors then all of them told me that nerves are weak, slackened, and masturbation has destroyed your potency and you are no more capable of marriage.  We spend too much money on very costly treatment but nothing could happen.  I told him everything in detail and said that you should not fear anything and I told to boy’s father that as soon as is possible he should marry him and the boy was married. After a year a boy was delivered by his wife and whatever knowledge had be bestowed upon me by the Almighty it was used for his welfare.  He was to be advised with love and sympathy and was to be made aware about the physical relationship. It was not a disease but an ignorance, he had no confidence on himself and also not on doctors.  I told him that masturbation is a very natural phenomena, and these doctor name even such healthy persons as patient who have no disease at all, and they do such things just to run their shop.  I have all the applauds for that boy and his parents that not even the boy thought of committing a suicide after such an insult and nor the boy’s parents left their self-confidence. But everybody does not think on the same lines, and many of them leave everything in between and sit idle.


Contact for becoming stout what is the reality behind it:


Become taller, get stout, shed fatness, grow hair on bold skin, get the grey hair blackened, become fair complexioned.  Because during this age group every Youngman wants to be taller like Amitabh Bachan, handsome like Salman Khan, Stout like Sunny Deol.  Every body has greater desires and less wisdom.  Everything depends on the body of parents, as is the height of the parents or the shape of the organs of body the children would have the same shape of organs.  If you would sow wheat then how would you get sugarcane.  Now you think yourself that how many people could increase their heights, how many people become body builders after taking capsules, or how many people became fair complexioned. The people claiming to make these children healthy and stout, why don’t they build the bodies of their own children. When one is himself thin like a sparrow then how can he claim to make others stout. They show their wrestler like bodies in the ads to attract people.  People want that they should immediately become body builders.  The medicine sellers know that they are playing with the lives of people.  They give steroids to the people and rob them of huge money and they are given very serious diseases for whole of the life.  It is not done unknowingly but it has a set object to earn money.  Anybody may die or become patient they have the greed of money only.  The name of the medicines is dexamethasone, cyproheptadine and people are befooled by giving it to them in large quantities.  The appetite increases and person takes more and more food.  Initially person gets fat because of the side effect of these medicines.  After that when he stops taking medicines then the fatness evaporates so soon as a balloon is punctured.  It is the reality of that fatness and person becomes perplexed that what had this happened, he feels cheated.  The person does not become fat but doctor has surely improved his health because he has got large sum of money.  After that man feels cheated and several diverse feelings come to his mind, irritation, disorder of lungs, kidneys, breathlessness, urinal diseases like increase in albumine.  Some people are given hormonal injections to do more and more with the person whatever worse could be done with him.  The person thinks that he would look like a wrestler but actually he….  You think it yourself otherwise if I would say it would look bad.  When one has himself started his journey to be robbed on the way then who would spare him, because they are sitting only for this task.  If one is a patient only then he can seek treatment but it is his only plight.  If they earn money from the coffins of people and feedit to their children then it would come in the open in the coming days that what is going to happen to them.  If the harmones come positive in a dope test of some players then he is prohibited to play for the rest of his life and his career ends there as a player.  These  are very fatal medicines, you can guess it now.  People are more pained from these doctors rather than from their own diseases, these doctors are a blot on the profession.


Time more and more:


It is found in the ads that time may be any much but being it so is impossible.  Some narcotic drugs or strong medicines or the drugs being used for skin and it can be made some what glistening for a short period but sex power can not be changed permanently. When husband and wife are satisfied with natural timing only then such medicine can destroy their marital life only.

Initially a man feels happy that he is performing the sexual act for a long duration and feels the more he will take time the more his wife would be satisfied.  But later on so many problems arise and the break in relationship starts lurking before.  Till a man comes to realize the mistake, he is remained with nothing except repentance. A man needs sex for whole of the life, don’t get befooled and waste money and health.  Ads are meant for this thing only that allure people, make them patients and rob them. Whosoever makes a habit to perform for more time then only more time can satisfy both of them.  It is not like half an hour at one time and a minute on the other.  It is also possible that at one time on the moment of intercourse you may not have erection at all.

Indulging in such foolish things don’t destroy the life of your wife and save your family life from ruining.  Till the effect of allopathic medicines sustains everything looks enjoyable but when the effect is finished then everything finishes.


Viagra or Penagra Tablet:


This tablet is meant for increasing blood circulation.  When the disease of diabetese or any other disease causes weakness in an old person and this does not get cured with medicines then after a check up doctor advises the casual use of such a tablet.  Because till a man has life he desires to perform sexual inter course so that he may feel cheerful and he has to take care of his life partner also, so that the family may continue to live in happiness.  But our main problem is that a healthy person is also using these drugs for recreation only.  People use such medicines just to impress their partner with their vigour and vitality, that I am capable enough to satisfy the desire completely. Such medicines are very harmful for brain and body.


This medicine has several bad effects:


  1. Sometime duration of intercourse is so prolonged tht semen is not discharged for over 30 minutes and some don’t discharge even. When the intercourse is prolonged then wife doesn’t take much interest in it and she starts to hate intercourse also.
  2. Man feels tired after climbing the stairs once. But with this long duration of intercourse he climbs the stairs again and again that he become too much tired. There is difference in running for 3 kilometers and 30 kilometers with the increase in duration of intercourse strength of a person decreases and after a month erection or sensitiveness so decreases that it comes to virtually a stop when the effect of medicine negates then it renders a man worthless.
  3. Some people get more sensational but some not at all.
  4. After taking pill they feel okay but without taking it they become worthless.
  5. A man needs sex whole of the life, pill cannot sustain it.
  6. Heart patient or a diabetic should not use the pill it can cause heart fail or cardiac arrest.
  7. Healthy persons also start suffering with many diseases like gastric, peplic ulcer, headache, general weakness, blindness, liver damage, swelling of fleshm, kidney disfunctioning, sugar etc.
  8. The time of intercourse is increased than the normal one then it become tasteless. It does not satisfy neither the husband nor the wife.
  9. With these drugs a man becomes deluded and as a result he becomes mental ill. Till he is using medicine he is okay when he does not take a pill then he is worthless. He mistakes a simple disease as a serious one and leaves courage.


Eating according to season:


Most people don’t know that to eat according to the season.  This also causes diseases.  Nutrition food is better in winters.  In summers one should eat as less as he can.  Some young people think that they would become healthy if they would eat more.  But it makes their condition rather worse.  They take huge quantity of cashewnuts whereas it increases heat in the body.


Life is invaluable:


The human life is too much invaluable.  It is not just a fan, t.v. or fridge that if one machine could not repair than they can be got repaired from another.  The medicine is human diseases has to be given very calculatively otherwise this can put a man in danger.  It is possible that he may become incurable for whole of the life. Be careful about your health and don’t linger on the diseases. If mind and body is healthy then everything is all right other what would you do with the money if you don’t use it for the welfare of your body.  If your health fails you, you cannot do anything properly. If medically fit you can do a thing with 100% accuracy and lead a happy life.  The body without disease is a bliss.


An injection of alcoholic deaddiction which is not still prepared and innocent people are robbed in its name:


The family people of the alcoholics desire to prevent such a habit of then with the aid of some medicine in the form of an injection but they also meet cheaters and robbers there.  And they say that he would never touch liquor with just a single injection for whole of the life.  They charge ten or twenty thousands from them as the case may be.  No such injection has been made so far which can be used to deaddict an alcoholic.  If something does not exist, even then charging money for that is nothing more than a robbery.


Prevent alcoholism and save family:


Initially people start to drink a little bit of liquor but afterwards it becomes a habit.  First a man drinks liquor but later it starts drinking a man.  The drinker will never wish to abstain from drinking.  You yourself has to do it.  You take a vow today that you would prevent that loved one from taking alcohol.  It is not required to tell to the alcoholic that you are going to do it. You put some medicine in the meals of the alcoholic and he would start hating liquor and would never touch it again.  For 30 days medicine send a money order of rupees 300only.  Send money order to our address.  We will send the medicine as your address given in the money order.


Drug deaddiction-Saves lives:


Opium, poppy husk, capsules, pills or user of any other drug is infected with constipation.  And these things cause abdominal diseases, early discharge, impotence, physical weakness and mental illness.  Such a person becomes mental and financial wreck. Because of this additiction he cannot enjoy sexual life. He believes in the here says that drugs prolong the sexual intercourse duration and it gives more satisfaction and due to this they start taking drugs. But with this they ruin their lives and when they become aware about it then they have nothing to do then to repent about it only.  Such addicts become burdens on their families. They are unable to give good education to their children and remain unable to marry then in good families. Society starts hating them.  80% causes of accidents are these drugs only. You try to deaddict your near and dear one and we shall cooperate you fully.


Yellow coloured urine:


In jaundice urine shows a yellow colour, but every body may not be suffering from jaundice.  If one takes water after long time then the colour of urine would be yellow.  If he takes water several times then urine would be colourless and clear.  Doctors say in such cases also that you are suffering from a disease and all this they do for their own greed and befool the innocent people. They ask for the urine test and say that the test has shown positive and there is a certain disease. There  was a disease or not even then money is wasted recklessly and without having any disease if you are taking medicine then you are destroying your life. They may tell the patient on the very first day that there is no disease and just take too much water.  But money has made a person worst than the animal. Animal has no brain so he cannot think upon but money is engulfing the entire wisdom of human being.  It is destroying his thinking power and wisdom. If a man can live in this world just like a man then no problem can arise in this world.


Contact for:


Permanent cure of sex problems, male strength, people without children. Rapid enjaculation, Spermatorrhoea, impotency, physical weakness, syphilis, gonorrhoea, gastritis piles, dysfunctional impotency, prostate enlargement, mental illness, nil sperms, v.d. burning sensation in urine, seminal in discharge, having no sex desire, or not being interested in sexual inter course, imbalance in sexual behaviour, contact for treatment of all these diseases:




The patient who are unable to approach us in our center, they can convey the details about the disease through phone or a letter and can get medicine at home by sending a money order:

Puri Health Center

Opp. Bus Stand, State Bank Road,

Kaithal-136027 (Haryana)

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Counselling available here.

हर स्त्री-पुरूष को सैक्स शिक्षा ही सैक्स रोगों का समाधान है

 जिससे लोग भ्रमित ना हो, दिमाग पर अनावश्यक बोझ ना पढ़े और अपना जीवन बेहतर ढंग से जी सके । सैक्स की वैज्ञानिक ढंग से व्याख्या और सैक्स शिक्षा अच्छे ढंग से जनता तक पहुंचाई जाए तो सैक्स संबधी रोगो का नामोनिशान मिट जाएगा, और रोगो से बचा भी जा सकता है | सैक्स के बारे में सही शिक्षा या सही ज्ञान होने और शारीरिक रचना का ज्ञान होने से मनुष्य भ्रम और अज्ञानता से निकलकर सुखमय और तनाव रहित जीवन बिता सकता है। सैक्स गंदा है, सैक्स पाप है, सैक्स घृणित कार्य है, सैक्स के बारे बात नहीं करनी चाहिए। जिस काम में जितना रहस्य होगा ठगी, लूट उतनी ज्यादा होगी। सैक्स आनंद की तुलना इस दुनिया में किसी आनंद से नहीं की जा सकती । ऐसे डाक्टर जो लोगो को गुमराह करके अपना धंधा चलाते है इन्हे रोकने वाला कोई नहीं था। लोगो को गुमराह करने से रोकने वाला कोई नहीं था| सैक्स की बेहूदा तस्वीर सामने लाने वाले प्रचार का माध्यम इनके पास था और राष्ट्रीय अखबारे जो दिखाबे के तौर पर समाज के भले की बात करती है
उन्हें भी विज्ञापनों से मतलब था क्योंकि उन्हें भी रूपया से ही प्यार था। ज्यादा से ज्यादा विज्ञापन ज्यादा से ज्यादा रूपया कमाने की होड़ में हर रोज सैक्स के विज्ञापनों की भरमार हो गई और जो इन्हें पढ़ता वो ही रोगी। इन लुटेरो का इतना दोष नहीं जितना अखबारो का, आम आदमी के दिमाग में यह गलतफहमी होती है कि जो अखबारो में छपता है सच होता है, क्योंकि अखबारो का राष्ट्र के प्रति दायित्व होता है कि समाज को सही जानकारी मिल सके। लेकिन उसे यह नहीं मालूम होता कि यह विज्ञापन है और विज्ञापनो का काम ही यही है कि लोगो को उल्लू बना कर अपना उल्लू सीधा ‘करना। अखबार वालो का इतना ही काम है कि रूपया लिया और विज्ञापन छाप दिया। लेकिन उनकी भी नैतिक जिम्मेवारी होती है कि क्या छापे और क्या ना छापे। बात फिर वही आ जाती है कि सभी को रूपया चाहिए, और रूपये के लालच में ही झूठ ज्यादा छापते है। सभी सिर्फ एक काम पर ही लगे है रूपया-रूपया और रूपया। इसके लिए ईमान, धर्म, जमीर, देश सब कुछ
खत्म करना पड़े तो कर दो लेकिन रूपया आना चाहिए। इन समाज के ठेकेदारों  से यह पूछे कि जब युवा पीढ़ी पूरी तरह ऐसे बेहूदा प्रचार से निकम्मी हो जाएगी, ऐसे प्रचार से आपका बच्चा भी चपेट में आ सकता है तो रूपया कया काम आएऐगा। यदि हम विष बांट रहे है तो वहीं हमें भी मिलेगा। कुदरत का नियम है कि जैसा करोगे वैसा ही भुगतना पड़ेगा । लोगो को गुमराह करने के लिए बड़े से बड़ा विज्ञापन क्योंकि इस काम का सबसे सफल तरीका है जितना बड़ा विज्ञापन उतना बड़ा डाक्टर और जो इनके पास जाए उतनी
मोटी मुर्गी ।इसके बाद तो विज्ञापनो की बाढ़ ही आ गई, कोई भी तरीका जैसे कि दीवारों की पेटिंग, पर्चे बांटना, छोटी किताबे हर रोज हजारो की मात्रा में बांटना । इनकी चली चाले कामयाब हो गई और समाज गुमराह हो गया,क्योंकि जो वो पढ़ता था या सुनता था उससे डरता था और सैक्स को गुप्त ही.रखना चाहता था, सिर्फ यही बात दिमाग में आती थी कि किसी को मालूम ना हो कि उसे सैक्स का कोई रोग है । बच्चो को जैसी बाते सुनने को या पढ़ने की सारा जीवन उसी पर आधारित होता है और सोच भी वैसी बन जाता है ।

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