Dr’s Puri Message

In the modern materialistic age, people have lost faith in truth. That’s why diseases affliction and ailments are on the increase. The misleading ads have already made the false and the absurd look like true, and the reality seems to have been crushed under their weight.

The root cause of the sex-related diseases in these ads which tend to exaggerate the ill effects of the so-called diseases, whereas the reality is some what different. Because of these ads even a healthy person begin to doubt that he a likely victim of such terrible disease.

Even the most attractive ads are likely to mislead the gullible & innocent people. Therein some minister is shown to be giving an award for great services, but such awards are generally on the sale, only rich buyer or bidder is needed.

If scientific approach can be adopted towards other diseases, why not towards sex ? lots of such people came to us as don’t have any such diseases, they are simply ignorant. As a result the young fear to marry and many marriages ends in divorce. This happens not due to some disease but due to sheer ignorance. In truth sex act is the most sacred activity that leads to the birth of a man. But sorry to say, this life- force becomes the source of fear and the man continues to remain in the grip of disease as a patient throughout life.

Nothing is more ecstatic than sex, if one has got its true knowledge. The joy of sex is indeed, incomparable to any other joy in the world. Sex is the greatest power which has made the existence of man possible on this earth. Now let us see what is sex or “kaam” it is hearing honey sweet words, enjoying the soft-hard touch, delighting in the sight of glowing beauty, inhaling the body fragrance and tasting the wonders of flesh pleasures.

When all our five senses fuse into our sex organs, and the mind at the same time, merges into the soul- then it is real sex.

Sex is the part & parcel of our life. Just as we need nourishing food for any physical growth, we need sex for our mental growth. The greatest truth is that when a man lacks sexual urges, his life becomes dull & drab.

Frayad, a renowned authority on the science of sex, has established that you can continue working the whole day with all the required energy only when you are fully satiated with sex. Sexual satisfaction is essential for the sound physical and mental health.

Moreover, the joy derived out of the sex-act between husband& wife has been regarded as this basis of successful married life. Apart from procreating off sprung a sex –act gives vise to a blissful state. Were man to be devoid of this bliss, his life would be totally deprived of joy and sense of fulfillment. Sex bestows upon man a sense of knowledge, duty, selfless feeling mutual understanding and trust too. Sex enhances mutual love in the conjugal relations.

It also gives proper exercise to the body as sex act effects the whole muscular and nerve system. Sexual urge stimulates the whole body and there is no exercise so in vigor rating as sex that gradually slackens the body after it has reached the height of real excitement. Only those person hate the sex who have no real experience of it. Sexual impulses are controlled by the brain and from there the sensation or the stimulation reaches the nerves causing the arousal. In the very first year of marriage a charming wife’s health appears to be most charming.

She looks excessively beautiful. Similar the husband also acquires an attractive wholesome personality. All this is due to the effect of lively active sex life. The conjugal relations being good, the couple will always feel young and healthy and will also overcome the feeling of getting old. It is but natural that sexually active spouses should enjoy a sound deep sleep which requires no drugs or pills at night. With a robust intercourse the secretion of estrogen hormones is doubled resulting in a luminous glow in the skin and shine in his eyes and sheen in the hair. Even the slightest flan in sexual life of a man hurt his self esteem. Person any kind of problem pertaining to sexual relations gives rise to several other problems.

Some or the other irritant in sexual relations not only effects the couple concerned but also engulfs, some times the entire family. This is indeed a serious situation, but the fact that most other problems and troubles are rooted in it, makes it worse, and above all these problems prove to be disastrous sooner or later. As a result the affected person can’t share his misfortunes with others. More than half of one’s life is dependent upon sound & active sex. A sexually successful man achieves success in every field of life. Being imbued with self confidence, he performs all his duties well. On the contrary, a sexually unsuccessful performer finds himself surrounded by all kinds of odds. Willy-nilly he does go through the pangs of life, but he can neither think good, nor he can do good. He feels rather out of place in social circle. No physician on earth can lengthen or broaden any limb or organ if the body.

The whole human anatomy undergoes equal and simultaneous growth. Any practitioner who claims to lengthen or fatter any particular organ is no genuine doctor. He is in fact a fraud or a robber. What to speak of getting treatment, even consulting such a bogus cheat is like deceiving one self. No doubt terror exists at every level of life including sex life. When people get exploited and truth is concealed. When they have to swallow pills without being ill, when lot of money is lavishly wasted, and when people fall prey to many a psychic or mental disorder and then resort to suicide, then how are these possibilities any less than real terror.

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