• adis

This dangerous aids  disease is really incurable. According to latest figures about four lakh people die of this affliction every year and the number continues to rise. Starting from the west this disease has been spreading the rest of the world like an epidemic.

This disease puts an end to the immune system of the human organism, and is a slow killer. The root cause of this debilitating disease lies in illicit sexual relationship. The only way to escape the scourge of this monster is to have sex only with your life partner. The symptoms of this disease begin to appear after 3 month to 5 yr. The patient of this disease has to meet his death by slow degrees.

 Its chief causes are :
  1. Illicit sexual relations.
  2. use of the same syringe for several patients or when drug addicts use the same needle among themselves.
  3. when the blood of an aids affected patient is transfused to a healthy person.

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